Specialty Cafe Products

Specifically designed for our cafes, we are proud to offer our Barista Lineup! From organic plant based beverages, to delicious syrups, we have you covered.




Pacific Foods Barista Series – Plant Based Beverages Made For Coffee!

“We understand your passion for quality ingredients. Pacific Barista Series beverages are designed for Professional Baristas. Each variety takes the heat, has great texture, and keeps the focus on coffee.”

Organic Almond Milk Original – Organic Almond Milk Unsweetened – Organic Coconut Milk – Hemp Milk – Organic Oat Milk


Maison Routin 1883 – The World’s Premier Syrup!

“A legacy that spans over 133 years, no other syrup company can compare to the passion, quality, and experience of Maison Routin 1883 – the worlds premier syrup! Made with Pure Cane, no HFCS, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, Kosher, Halal, ISO, IFH, BRC.”

Caramel – Hazelnut – Mint – Vanilla – Cayenne


Hollander Sauces – Created for Craft Beverages!

“Dutched Cocoa is a superior cocoa to pair with specialy coffee & tea beverages, because of a process of alkalization, which creates a neutral PH, allowing for an indulgent mocha with rich cocoa flavour and the signature top notes of espresso! This is why Hollander Sauces pair well with (never masking) fine espresso, honouring this rich history of excellence.”

Sweet Ground Dutched Chocolate – Sweet Ground White Chocolate


The Chai Company – Authentic Organic Chai!

“The Chai Company’s focus is to deliver the most authentic chai
experience in the most convenient and environmentally conscious
way possible. That’s why ChaiCo is handcrafted with real whole
organic spices the old fashioned way, and then reduced to a 3:1
concentration. Enjoy perfectly spiced chai in every feel-good cup!”

Authentic – Grizzly – Rooibos – Spicy Oolong