About Us

135717 Moo Cow brochure.jpgMoo-Cow Distributing is a local company that has been serving quality dairy products to the Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph and surrounding areas for over 15 years. We are currently serving over 70 schools in our region with a Five Star Milk & Nutrition Program. Our very successful programs are providing essential nutrients to students while generating extra income for our schools.

Moo-Cow Mission

The Moo-Cow promise is to ensure that each customer receives prompt, 135717 Moo Cow brochure2.jpgprofessional and friendly service. To maintain a sanitary, temperature regulated environment for safe and efficient deliveries, while providing a fair price and quality products to the community we serve.

135717 Moo Cow brochure3.jpgThank you for allowing us to share our exciting “new” Five Star Milk & Nutrition programs with your school. The following information will educate you on the Moo-Cow advantage and the benefits of running a successful Milk & Nutrition program at your school.